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Kai Steverding

Kai Steverding

A truly enriching education

Honestly, I was not particularly sure about my specific goals when I commenced my studies at IUBH in 2006. Since I knew that I would prefer to make use of a whole set of skills rather than focus on one specific subject and due to the fact that I had an interest in current economic issues, I thought that studying Business Administration would be the best choice for my future path. The facts that the language of tuition is English, the short duration of studies and the option to go abroad, provided the study program at Bad Honnef with an extra edge which I was missing at other institutes.

During my studies I particularly enjoyed the high degree of practical application of theoretical contents. Instead of just absorbing knowledge, my fellow students and I were instantly applying new skills to current topics. Projects which were conducted in cooperation with industry partners contributed to the practical approach and the excitement of presenting project results to company representatives proved to be a unique experience during our studies.

During my internship at DWS Investments in Frankfurt, I discovered my affection for financial markets, which I pursued during my subsequent studies. Having had the chance to go abroad, I decided to spend one semester at the University of Hong Kong and benefit from both the renowned financial faculty and the intercultural challenge which an exchange semester represents.

After completing my studies I conducted internships at W&W Asset Management and Nomura to gain additional insights into the financial community. Since September 2010, I've been working for EFG Financial Products, a Swiss issuer of Structured Products. EFG Financial Products features one of the most experienced teams of experts in the Structured Products industry with a state-of-the-art automated IT infrastructure and is currently expanding rapidly.

During my work, I feel that studies at IUBH equipped me with the essential skills required for my challenging tasks and that my time at Bad Honnef was an my excellent investment in my future career.

Kai Steverding
Absolvent Internationales Management

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