IUBH graduate reports - Stefan Katz

Stefan Katz

Stefan Katz

Perfect employees for our team

Success, ambition and a diversity of people situated in a beautiful small town – these were the keywords of my former department head when I first entered the building of the IUBH campus.

In 2009 I was looking for the next step in my professional career after having worked as a strategic account manager at a consulting agency in northern Germany. 

I completed my degree in management studies at Goettingen University, but as a young student I found all the theoretical background meaningless because it lacked a connection to practical experience and a feeling for customer service.  I therefore decided to pursue a master’s degree at the IUBH to expand and deepen my theoretical knowledge.  But most importantly, my goal was to test out my own face to face communication skills with fellow international students. My personal experience has shown me that business schools world-wide offer a fruitful education.  But as David McCullough Jr. recently said at the Wellesley High School graduation ceremony in the USA, young people must pursue lifelong learning, yet they are not more important than other people in the world who only have basic skills and no access to further education. 

With this viewpoint in mind, I started working at a luxury retirement home in Berlin after receiving my master’s degree. I was in charge of contracting and account management. I prospered from the retirees’ joy and thankfulness because it fulfilled one of my essential goals:  establishing personal relationships. Human skills are, and have always been, at the heart of successful business.

The IUBH offered me these skills more so than any other educational institution. From the very first day and in the process of working on projects I profited from the human challenges. It wasn’t just theoretical knowledge. The interactions with lecturers and fellow students established human relationships and a solid management background.

I am currently working for IHG, the biggest hotel chain in the world, as an account manager for Japanese and Chinese companies in Düsseldorf. We are a multinational team and my boss is also an IUBH alumni!

I would recommend the IUBH and its various programmes for its excellent combination of practical experience, presence of people from around the world, and highly skilled lecturers.  If I have the chance I will always come back to Bad Honnef and the IUBH – the mixture fits!

Stefan Katz
Graduate International Management 2012

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