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Ulrich Desel

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Desel

Dear prospective Students in Aviation Management,

The aviation business is one of the most dynamic and most internationalised industries in the world. Different market participants such as airlines, airport companies, aircraft manufacturers, air traffic control, ground service companies and catering companies are forming an environment with manifold interests. The aviation business is still increasing worldwide with growth rates larger than in other branches, thus well trained young people are needed internationally.

IUBH graduates are well prepared for managerial positions through their management training. All courses are taught in English and the whole spectrum of aviation business - passenger airline related, air cargo business, airport management, airline operations, aviation finance and controlling, airline and airport marketing, ground services etc. - is presented to them. The main target is that the students learn to expertise in this branch through several case studies, projects and management simulation games.

An asset for a smooth step into the community of aviation professionals is the six month internship and the bachelor thesis, which are typically supported by an industry partner. In addition the IUBH offers the Extra Curriculum which consists of site visits (airports, Eurocontrol, cargo operation of integrator) and of campus presentations by companies such as Airbus Industries. In addition the students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience as a pilot in an aircraft flight simulator.

The aviation department is staffed by a team of expert lecturers with experience in managerial functions in the aviation business and an excellent network in this industry. They provide the students with a sound theoretical background and valuable practical operational skills.

For more than ten years we have placed many graduates in different companies in the worldwide job market in different branches of the aviation industry. This in itself meanwhile forms a network of its own.

Welcome to the IUBH!

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Desel
Head of Aviation Department

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