Students from all over the world study at IUBHInternationality

The IUBH is geared to the demands of the global market

When it comes to choosing a study course, internationality plays a crucial role for students. At the IUBH the international quality of its campus and study programmes is of central importance, a quality that is valued by over 95% of our students.

Studying at the IUBH makes careers in a global environment possible. We live out this credo in that English is the teaching language and the language used on our campus. We also impart internationality with many other distinguishing features:

  • Our experts and faculty from around the world teach both technical know-how and soft skills
  • We maintain multiple collaborations with partner universities in Europe, America, Australia and Asia
  • At the IUBH languages in international demand are taught at advanced levels by native speakers and additional intercultural communication competence is developed
  • There are currently students from over 60 countries on our campuses

For our students, our international commitment pays off in many ways. Approx. 75% of our graduates, for example, work successfully in an international environment, one third of them, in fact, abroad.

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