Students at the airportPractical Relevance

The close integration of theory and practice ensures excellent career prospects

At the IUBH practical orientation is experienced firsthand. The curriculum has multiple facets which reflect this, for example, the inclusion of internship semesters, discussions and lectures with experts from industry and excursions to companies. The career profiles of our faculty also point to practical expertise in their field.

The integration of theory and practice is a daily reality for every student. In the context of its lectures the IUBH offers project work and case studies. Tourist Management students, for example, recently developed a website for travel sales. Similarly our Hospitality Management students develop valuable practical skills through their practical training. Their spectrum ranges from taking service and cooking courses, to the planning and actual implementation of their own Gala-Dinner, through to maintaining the small vineyard on campus.

Event Management students also have the chance to demonstrate practical hands-on skills. One public event that they independently organise is the annual Christmas Market on campus. For those who are interested in media we offer exciting projects in radio and TV, including media training.

And those who study Aviation Management are fascinated with flying and all that that entails. In addition to the option of completing training for a pilot's licence, the students in this field of study are often underway on excursions to airports and airlines and, in connection with writing their bachelor thesis, have opportunities to work on projects and market research with renowned companies in the industry.

Many of the benefits of studying at the IUBH are possible due to the close cooperation that the IUBH and its faculty maintain with industry. Our faculty has contact to all DAX 30 companies, is recognised in the international market, and well connected in a network with over 300 business partners.
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