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Order of study - Overview

Order of study: International Event Management

The three core elements of the curriculum are:

  • Business: business courses form the basis of the programme. They include mathematics, statistics, integrated service management, and accounting & finance.
  • Industry-specific courses: students gain knowledge of the event industry in all its various aspects and acquire in depth expertise in specific management-related subjects such as Management and Marketing in the field of fairs and exhibitions, congress management, corporate events, trade fair marketing and development, strategic event communication. The focus is on complex event projects, budgeting, financing and controlling of events.
  • Skills Courses: Computer training, foreign languages, and business communication all provide training in essential and sought-after skills.

Courses are in lecture and seminar format with an average of 30 students per class. This encourages dialogue between professors and students.

Practical and international experience during your studies


A 5-6 month internship in Germany or abroad combines your classroom knowledge with practical experience. You will start building your industry network and make a first impression on potential employers.

Extra Curriculum

Another practical aspect of your studies is the Extra Curriculum, which takes place once a week during your first semester. It includes

  • Workshops and conferences on and off campus
  • Guest lecturers from experts in the event management industry
  • Field trips to industry-specific companies like event agencies

This opportunity gives students the chance to see the industry up close and to find out where and how they could be working after graduation.

Semester abroad    

Students with strong academic performance can spend a semester abroad at one of our partner universities (in-house selection process).

You can find an overview of our international partner universities in our International Office section.




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