Bachelor International Hospitality Management

Become a global player in the hospitality industry

The IHM programme reflects the diversity and global character of the industry. You'll do your internship abroad and be able to spend 2 semesters at a partner university in another country.

On campus you will collaborate with international hotel companies through case studies or projects. During your studies you will meet students and faculty from all over the world. To complete your international profile, you will graduate with a Bachelor degree from your university abroad and from IUBH. Find out more about our partner universities in the International Office section.

Alongside management, operational and practical skills, the International Hospitality Management programme develops leadership, teamwork and communication competencies. When you graduate you will be able to start working immediately in one of the largest, most dynamic and exciting industries in the world.

Programme characteristics

Order of study - Overview

Order of study: International Hospitality Management

The four core elements of the curriculum are:

  • Business Administration: These courses form the study programme’s core foundation in economics.  Course subjects include mathematics, statistics, integrated service management, accounting, micro- and macroeconomics, as well as various management approaches and distribution methods.  They enable students to make in-depth analyses that identify and evaluate business management correlations.  They provide the basis for further management studies.
  • Industry-specific courses: These courses are practice oriented and students learn about the hotel industry from the ground up. Students gain an in-depth knowledge about specific management issues relevant to this industry, for example, restaurant management, food and beverage management, room division management, legal affairs and human resource management in the hospitality industry, and hotel planning.  
  • Additional qualifications: During the first three semesters additional skills that are important tools for mastering future challenges are developed.  For example, in addition to communication and computer skills, foreign languages skills (English, Business English, 2nd foreign language Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian) are further developed.
  • Study Abroad: One year abroad at one of our partner universities is an integral part of this programme.  Study abroad not only improves foreign language skills but also provides in-depth international experience at the academic and cultural level.  At the end of the 6th semester the first Bachelor degree is awarded by the international partner university. This is an important component for a career in the global hospitality industry.

Courses are in lecture and seminar format with an average of 30 students per class. This encourages dialogue  between professors and students.

Facts & Figures

International Hospitality Management

Degree: Dual Bachelor
Duration: 7 semesters
ECTS-Credits: 210
Language: English
Studies: full-time
Internship: 1 semester
Study abroad: 2 semesters
Campus: Bad Honnef
Intakes: Spring & Autumn

Impressions of the Practical Programme

Students' Gala Dinner

The Students' Gala Dinner is a special highlight of the practical programme: As managers of the future, each semester students studying hospitality management take over the anno-Restaurant on campus for an evening and run the show.  They draw up the menu, invite guests, take care of the entertainment, and do the cooking and the serving. Planned and organised by the students themselves, also the marketing and successful management of the evening lies in their own hands.




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