IUBH Pathway Programme – Overview

Programme introduction

"Thorough preparation accounts for 50% of success in life"
- German saying

IUBH has been awarded best German university for career development, accreditors praised IUBH´s consistent, fact based approach in integrating feedback of all levels in order to increase IUBH graduates career prospects.

Recent IUBH research has shown that the success of students and graduates highly depends upon communication skills in academic and business English.

Focus on your success in your IUBH Bachelor programme

The IUBH Pathway Programme builds these skills in order to leverage your success and to give you the best possible start. You live on Campus, you get acquainted with all the facilities, such as IUBH´s world class library, the globally oriented Campus, your fellow students from over 85 nations as well as the surroundings of Bad Honnef.

Once your degree programme starts, you can entirely focus on your studies and your personal success. Everything else, time consuming and distracting, has been done before - and your success story can start!

Guaranteed progression into high-end quality IUBH programme

Consequently, students of the IUBH Pathway Programme show highest pass ration (90+%, often significantly higher), and its graduates are more successful than the average IUBH student with a comparable background.

Upon graduation, your progression into one of the high-class programmes is guaranteed:

  • Aviation Management
    International Aviation Management
  • International Event Management
  • Hospitality Management
    International Hospitality Management
  • International Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • Tourism Management
    International Tourism Management

Progression into IUBH Bachelor Programme after only 1 semester possible if intermediate exam is successfully passed. In this case, 50% of the fees will be credited to the subsequent Bachelor Programme.



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