Bachelor in Tourism Management

For your professional start in the tourism industry

Get to know tourism management from the ground up and start building the foundation for your career.

Over six semesters, through academic but practical courses, you'll come to  know all the many facets of tourism management. 

An optional semester abroad means that you can gain your first experiences in another country. You'll find an overview of partner universities in the career & partner section.


Programme characteristics

Order of study - Overview

Order of study: Tourism Management


The three core elements of the curriculum are:
  • Business economics: Business courses form the basis of the programme. They include  mathematics, statistics, integrated service management, and finance & accounting.
  • Industry-specific courses: students learn the basics of the tourism industry and deepen their knowledge with specific management-related subjects such as structures and organisations in the international hospitality and tourism industry, travel business management, product planning and distribution, online-tourism and e-commerce, tourism geography, travel and congress management, tourism law, policy, tourism and environment and tourism projects.
  • Professional skills: Foreign languages, computer training and business communication courses round out the student profile and improve employability.

Courses are in lecture and seminar format with an average of 30 students per class. This encourages dialogue  between professors and students.

And if you are interested in our International Tourism Management programme, please click here.

Practical and international experience while you study


A 5-6 month internship in Germany or abroad lets you turn your classroom knowledge into practical experience. You'll start building your industry network and make a first impression on potential employers.

Extra Curriculum

The Extra Curriculum takes place once a week during the first semester and is another chance for first-hand insight. The programme consists of:

  • Workshops and conferences, on and off campus, on different subjects
  • Guest lectures from experts in the tourism industry
  • Field trips to industry-specific companies like tour operators or airports

Semester abroad    

Students with strong academic performance can spend a semester abroad at one of our partner universities (in-house selection process).

Facts & Figures

Tourism Management

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration: 6 semesters
ECTS-Credits: 180
Language: English
Studies: full-time
Internship: 1 semester
Study abroad: 1 semester (optional)
Campus: Bad Honnef
Intakes: Spring & Autumn



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