Campus Bad Reichenhall

Infrastructure and IT in Bad Reichenhall

it-bad-reichenhallState-of-the-art IT infrastructure on the entire campus is a matter of course for us – from WiFi to a Computer Training Centre.

Campus WLAN

On our campus in Bad Reichenhall, students can access the university's Intranet as well as the Internet through WLAN. The library catalogue is available on-campus and also off-campus, and offers access to extensive research databases.

Campus Administration Resource Environment (CARE)

Each student has his or her own account in our Campus Administration Resource Environment (CARE). This campus management system efficiently and comfortably supports all processes in our campus locations, for example enrolment, timetables, appointments, exam enrolment, downloads of lecture material and much more.

University E-Mail address

All students are given an e-mail address of the university, in order to support the communication between the university and students.

Notebook on campus

During their studies, students at the IUBH already work in a professional environment. This is why a notebook os part of the basic equipment of each student.

If you need a new notebook or would like to buy one for your studies, we recommend ACER equipment and cooperate with ACER, on account of our experience with this brand.

Generally speaking, an existing notebook can also be integrated into the network of the IUBH.

Computer Training Lab

The computer and software training courses take place in our Computer Training Lab. Students learn how to use MS Office for their studies and professional careers, for example, or how to carry out statistical analyses with data mining programs.