Career Service for Students

It is highly recommended to attend the various presentations about job opportunities, for example corporate presentations or “Information about Self-employment as an Option”. 

The career path reports of alumni from our various degree programmes are also of high interest, as is the university’s “Career Days” programme.  These events contribute significantly to the internship placements of our students, and also provide graduates with a platform to establish contacts and build networks.  All IUBH students, from the first day on, are welcome to attend lectures of interest, learn new aspects about careers and explore their own professional options.

In any case, an important aspect of exploring career opportunities is the use of the IUBH network. This requires self-initiative to take advantage of the services offered and to attend the events and corporate presentations offered outside of the course curriculum.  It can be a chance to meet representatives of an industry, ask specific questions and make contacts. 

Initiative and motivation are the essential ingredients for moving successfully through the study programme and into a professional career.  The ability to present oneself, to accept and implement tips we can give, to take advantage of the services we offer, for example voluntary participation in an interview training workshop, in the end, all of these can be of decisive advantage in the job application process. Career services can help in many ways, but it can never substitute the student’s own commitment.

As a first test of self-initiative future students can opt to do an internship before they start their studies. This can give them a sense of orientation. Is this the right industry for me? Do I feel comfortable in the role as a service provider?  What does the daily work routine look like? These essential questions can be answered by doing an internship while still at school, enabling one to then start their studies with more confidence and motivation.

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