Careers in International Management


Your future - your career opportunities

Many possibilities are open to you with the bachelor in International Management. Whether as a marketing manager of a sports equipment manufacturer, controller of an international financial service provider or management consultant in the telecommunications sector - you have the choice and you can start your career in accordance to your interests and strengths.

Your task as a marketing manager consists, for example, of successfully positioning the services or products of an enterprise on the market. For this you'll make strategic decisions and plan the application of the instruments in the so-called marketing-mix. On the other hand, as a controller you evaluate and analyze the financial situation of a company and support the management in the developing of strategies and the planning of sales from your figures. As a management consultant you offer your consultation as a service to other companies. You'll analyze and evaluate processes within the operational range and give recommendations based on your results on how structures and processes can be improved.

The graduates of the IUBH School of Business and Management are respected employees in national and international companies. Furthermore, they have the advantage of potentially beginning their careers while at the IUBH via contacts established at IUBH’s annual recruiting fair "Career Days".

Examples of where our graduates are now

  • Accenture GmbH
  • BMW AG
  • Bosch Power Tools
  • Commerzbank AG
  • Computacenter AG & Co. oHG
  • Continental AG
  • Deutsche Bank AG

  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Deutsche Lufthansa AG
  • E.ON AG
  • Ernst & Young AG
  • IBM Deutschland AG
  • Siemens AG
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