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Julia Läng

Julia Katharina Läng


Creating values together

The Nordcapital company group is together with private investors active in the global growth areas of transport and energy. Since the foundation in 1992, there has been an investment volume of around 5.8 billion Euros. The company group employs around 100 people.

All of our employees are obliged to follow our goal of creating values together by having the highest quality standards for our investors. In our B2B business it is important to explain complex products and economic combinations. The best way of achieving this is certainly through discussions. Event Management is a crucial element within the company communication. The Event Management team creates the frame in which the Nordcapital company meets its customers.

For the position of Event Manager we were looking for criteria such as dedication, flexibility, customer orientation, team orientation, goal oriented methods and of course friendliness. Ms. Alexia Werner fulfills these criteria - also thanks to her outstanding education. Alexia showed us after a short time that she enriches our team through her professional attitude, her goal oriented and exact way of working and through her personality. Her straightforward curriculum vitae convinced us during the job interview.

From the beginning we were therefore able to give her projects which she supervises on her own. We are happy that Alexia has been part of our team since June 2009!

Julia Katharina Läng
Manager Events

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