IUBH graduates report

Julia Loeffler

Julia Loeffler

Convincing mixture of theory and practical experience

I knew quite early that I want to work in the area of Service Management. I decided for the Hospitality industry because of the diversity and internationality offered. After my apprenticeship as chef and a couple of years of work experience I decided to study.

I do not regret studying at the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef - far from it! The mixture of theory and practical experience and the opportunity to achieve the Bachelor's degree at a foreign university still convinces me today. But besides the study courses, I think that new contacts are extremely helpful as well as the personal experience which I could gain during my year abroad.

During my studies my interest for the Airline Catering industry was awakened and I became aware of the LSG Sky Chefs Trainee Program due to several interviews with Catering Managers of various airlines for my Bachelor Thesis. Since March 1st I am Trainee in the department "Operating Logistics" in one of the locations in Frankfurt am Main.

Since the first day I am involved in exciting projects and I was able to participate in the opening of one of the largest catering operations worldwide. From my point of view the LSG Sky Chefs Trainee program prepares me well for the upcoming managerial position, something you can only learn through practical experience and not during the studies. In this way I complement my IUBH studies.

Julia Löffler
Graduate Hospitality Management 2008

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