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Linda Soljin

Linda Soljin

Human relations, creativity and classic management tasks

In 2011 I finished my degree programme in International Event Management at IUBH and now work full time as an event management trainer at a private educational institution. In this capacity I teach long term unemployed people about the professional field of event management.
I also work as a freelance event manager for several event agencies and organise trade fair appearances, local corporate events, anniversaries and weddings (www.linda-events-hochzeiten.de).

My two jobs cover a wide range of event management. My freelance work for various agencies allows me to get to know new people and projects on a regular basis, which means I constantly face new challenges and can learn from others. This is where I have the opportunity to work creatively. However, I also deal with typical management issues: numbers, data and strategies. What I like about my fulltime job is the close relationships to people. This is where I can pass on my expertise and experience to others.

For a successful career in event management a high degree of flexibility, resilience and self-motivation is necessary. One also must be able to work under tremendous pressure without losing one's bearings. The most important prerequisite for a successful career in event management is love for the profession. Only then is one willing to sacrifice even weekends and holidays for the job.

Linda Soljin
Graduate International Event Management 2011

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