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Maren Wolters

Maren Wolters

Building the foundation for a successful career

It was the first internship of my studies that paved the way for my job entrance three years later. With the support of the university's internship office, I had the great opportunity to work for Aldiana GmbH in the marketing department. At that time, I realised that the first step of the learning process was accomplished, but that there were still many things left to learn in the field of Tourism Management to be well prepared for the future.

The International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef · Bonn did a great job in expanding my tourism and business knowledge during the entire course of my studies. After my bachelor thesis I felt perfectly prepared fto work in the tourism industry. In the past four years I have also gained valuable international experience by studying and working abroad, which makes the concept of the university so unique.
The topic of my thesis finally led me back to Aldiana, which gave me the opportunity to prove my acquired skills. I am honored to be chosen by Aldiana, one of the leading tour operators for club vacations, and to be able to contribute to their success. I will be responsible for customer relationship management, which is perfect as it continues the academic work of my final thesis.

This direct job entrance is the result of four years of hard work and the university's contribution by building the foundation for a successful career.

Maren Wolters
Graduate Tourism Management 2008
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