Conference Papers

Documentation of our scientific networking

The conference papers document the extensive national and international contributions of the professors of the IUBH School of Business and Management. 

Conference attendance is at home and abroad.  This underscores the university’s close networking with research institutes.  They provide impetus for teaching and further research initiatives. Conference papers are produced and submitted by all departments of the IUBH. They can also be produced and presented in cooperation with research partners of the IUBH.

Prof. D.
Stefan Zagelmeyer 
Bringing the ‘social’ dimension back in: Towards an integrated framework
for strategic human resource management and social innovation

Prof. D.
Joachim Sandt
The impact of performance measurement in a service factory
17.07.2012Prof. D.
Joachim Sandt
Conference of PMA
07/2012 Prof. D.
Stefan Zagelmeyer
Rapporteur Report Track 3: Emerging Orders of Production
and Skill Development in a Global Economy
06.06.2012 Ashraf Tag-Eldeen

Assessment of electronic word-of-mouth
on customers’ purchasing decisions of hospitality services in Egypt

19.08.201 Ashraf Tag-Eldeen
Human Rights Practices in the Egyptian Hospitality Sector
19.08.2011 Ashraf Tag-Eldeen
Published Internal Marketing Article
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