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Project papers by students of Event Management


Study on Participant Management

A discipline in which little research has been carried out so far

No event without participants? Event Management students of the IUBH School of Business and Management have conducted a study on the topic of participant management - a discipline on which little research has been carried out so far. The fifth-semester students have been supported by CompuCoach GmbH as well as the association Veranstaltungsplaner.de.

188 experts from the event industry have been surveyed and interviewed. The study offers a definition of the term participant management, highlights common methods of operation and points out possible future trends. The full study in German language can be downloaded on the right.


Brandlands Guide - The world of brands is beckoning

IUBH project about the coming of “brandland”: Come on in! The World of Brands locally and three dimensionally

The world of brands is beckoning. Not only in Corporate and Brand Identity, in packaging, Logo, PoS-material or TV- spots, also as walk-in production and installation of what is the core of the brand. This housed in a building is called world of brands or "new German" brand land. Sometimes of museum-like quality, sometimes very much oriented towards the future of the product or company but always interactive and smart: this is how the brand presents itself to the willing observer.

The project of the Event management students at the IUBH School of Business and Management, guided by Prof. Ulrich Wünsch, was aimed at finding out more information about the trend towards the world of brands. It soon became apparent that Flagship stores, which bring fast changing consumption goods from the fashion world to the inclined Consumer, had to be included in the observation (Under the premise that it is more than just a big store).

Similar to Outlet-Centers, brand lands have become tourist attractions which promote the experience of shopping - an event in its own. So it was self-evident to create a "travel guide" to the sources of shopping experiences, these legendary places where the brand is itself and the consumer is closer to the goal of his "experience-dreams" than usual.

The short overview shows clearly the concentration of the world of brands to very specific business sectors and products, myths like to associate themselves with stories about heroes of all kinds, ever-lasting youth and beauty or luxurious indulgence. Meanwhile in the world of brands we are talking about deliberately calculated businesses, whose owners should be an ideal mix of marketing guru, business administrator and event-impresario. In the future, the marketing portfolio cannot be imagined without these experience-saturated brand worlds. Where else they can be imagined will be left to the market.

The third semester of event management has tried to satisfy the complexity of the subject "brand" by including the partial aspect, which is influenced by event management, and to throw a curious glance at the world of myths, ranking around a product. The results- next to the travel guide an attempt to classify and descriptive thoughts about the subject- shall remain on the worldwide net as an offer to professionals and those interested in the matter.

Rapid change even in the area of stationary brand worlds, as much as their relative concealment concerning operation and design, justify the placement. "Shopping experience" is the term of the hour in marketing; the next pages will be a guide to the "experiences". Providing an overview of the facts from how to get there to what is being offered, followed by profound and meaningful comments of the wrights, operators or "Szenografen": this overview is a practical "Vademecum" for every design-shopping bag.

The "brandlands tavelguide", developed by Event management students under the guidance of Prof. Ulrich Wünsch, can be downloaded from the website www.markenwelten-fuehrer.de , which was designed especially for this project, or on the right as a pdf-document in German language.


Abi Event Award 2008 

How to develop a graduation ceremony.

Today "Abi Event" means a very special happening organised and handled by event management teams formed by students in their final year. Financial and organisational aspects are going to be more and more important when thinking about the professional development of the "Abi Event".

Students of the 3-year Bachelor programme in Event Management at the IUBH School of Business and Management, in cooperation with Prof. Ulrich Wünsch, therefore developed a handbook called "Abi Event Manager". This handbook should help the young professionals to organise their individual event for the school leaving party. Please find the Download of the Handbook on the right.


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