Working Papers of IUBH

Insights of the research results

Working papers document the research results of lecturers at the IUBH School of Business and Management.

These papers should inspire research, teaching and practical business implementation. Working papers include preliminary results, which are used for presentations in the context of academic conferences and/or submitted to distinguished academic journals. Furthermore working papers include results developed from practice oriented projects, which are primarily directed at interested representatives from industry.

Prof. Dr. Sandt
IUBH Working Paper No. 1: Management Control Systems as a Package: the relationship of financial measurement systems and Six Sigma
 Prof. Dr. Wachowiak
IUBH Working Paper No. 2: GIS supported Segmentation Study of Visitors to Majorca Island
  Prof. Dr. Lanwehr

IUBH Working Paper No. 3: Cross-Cultural Trainings Revisited

  Prof. Dr. WachowiakIUBH Working Paper No. 4: Facets of research on the relationship between political borders and tourism
  Prof. Dr. Brümmerhoff & Prof. Dr. Grömling
IUBH Working Paper No. 5: Are national accounts revisions harmful for historical comparisons?
 Prof. Dr. Sandt &
C. Hoffmann
IUBH Working Paper No. 6: The impact of performance measurement in a service factory
 Prof. Dr. Simons-Kaufmann
IUBH Working Paper No. 7: Social Market economy - A vision for Mozambique
 Prof. Dr. Schuster

IUBH Working Paper No. 8: Suggestions to Solve the Euro Crisis

 Prof. Dr. Grömling IUBH Working Paper No. 9: Economic structure and current account imbalances
 Prof. Dr. Grömling
IUBH Working Paper No. 10: What drives manufacturing?
 Dr. Torka &                Prof. Dr. Zagelmeyer IUBH Working Paper No. 11: Malignant manipulation at work: a qualitative exploration of strategies and tactics
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