Christoph Schöneseiffen

Audit & Tax Management

Christoph Schöneseiffen

Following my graduation at first I found it quite challenging to find the perfect study course. With a bilingual high school degree I knew right away that English was to be a part of my studies. At the same time, however, I wanted to study “more” than a language only. Besides my aptitude for mathematic contexts and numbers I was interested in a business study programme. But my concern was that I was just going to be one of many.

After a chat with a friend with similar interests I visited the IUBH’s homepage and familiarized with the different study courses. When reading the audit and tax consulting’s study profile for the first time it caught my attention and I had found the right study course for myself.

A business study programme demanding a certain feeling for numbers and digits offering most of the lectures in English. Moreover, it offers a specialization that enables me to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, I had my doubts whether my precognition would be sufficient to follow a lecture in English. Fortunately my doubts where soon cleared and I realized that I only had to acquire specific vocabulary.

Small study groups and the close contact to the professors are aspects I particularly appreciate while studying at IUBH. I am enjoying my studies and I feel well prepared to gather my first practical experiences. I would choose audit and tax consulting at any time again.

Christoph Schöneseiffen


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