Daniel Zawe

Hospitality Management

Daniel Zawe

For me, studying at the University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef · Bonn has been the right choice since day one. In my opinion, the small classes, modern facilities, numerous networking opportunities and well-equipped library make IUBH a great learning environment.

The one thing that I will remember most after graduation, though, is the “family-like” atmosphere. When you are walking from one building to the next, it is not unlikely to bump into a fellow student or tutor. And because you know many of them quite well, you are easily in the middle of an extended conversation.

Another integral part of studying at IUBH is the internationality of the university and programs. During my four years of studies, I have lived in three different countries: Germany, Canada and the UK. Of course, my internships in Toronto and Berlin, and my year abroad at the University of Brighton look great on my CV.

However, the things I have experienced during this time are far more important. I have met people from many different cultures and countries and dealt with a multitude of unknown situations. As a result, I now feel able to tackle future challenges easily.

Nevertheless, the most important things that I get from my time at university are the memories and friends that I made.

Daniel Zawe

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