Karolina Stich

International Management

Karolina Stich

You are looking for a broad foundation in the areas of business administration, economics, finance, human resources, marketing and management techniques at an international level? That was exactly my idea of the study program “International Management”.

In addition to a basic education in almost all areas you could take as a manager in a company, international experience is essential. This is what I could gather in an internship in the Netherlands as well as in my semester abroad in Sydney, where I could learn to live in a completely new environment - and also met new friends from all over the world.

Next to theoretical knowledge, I was given the opportunity to take part in numerous workshops and seminars, in which tools and competences, such as creating meaningful presentations, the proper management of staff and other soft skills, which are essential for managing a company successfully, were discussed.

For those of you, who want to broaden their horizon, a wide range of additional activities and excursions are offered.  The repertoire, ranging from guest lecturers held by managers from successful companies to field trips enables students to get further practical experience.

A special highlight was the management sailing trip to the Netherlands towards the end of my studies. Organized by a dedicated professor, we had the opportunity to learn during a three day trip the fundamentals of sailing and to develop in addition our management skills in a particular way. “Learning by doing” was our slogan and it was realized by managing our boat at wind speed 8. In a team we had to distribute tasks above and below deck and bring the ship safely back to port.

It was a very special experience, which I am happy to benefit from in the future.

Karolina Stich

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