Stefan Katz

International Management

Stefan Katz

My name is Stefan Katz, I’m 28 years old and a former graduate from the PFH Göttingen.

Studying at the IUBH allows me to look besides the normal education at private universities. Excellent lecturers compared with diligently chosen goal-oriented contents prepare me effectively for my future working life. English as the language of instruction and the close cooperation with my professors were additional factors where the IUBH differ from other institutions.

The curriculum in my master’s study connects analytical and application tools which I have used in my former professional endeavours. The daily interaction with my fellow students from all over the world offers me an insight about different cultures and behaviours which I will use in the future for my own professional development.

Daily open doors at professor’s offices, a broad infrastructure on the campus and the overall teaching quality with the new distance learning programs are factors which will be differentiate the IUBH from their competitors in the future.

If I will be able to recommend the IUBH in the future when I’m on my future job I will do so.

As future alumni I would be happy to inform future students about the International Management program when participating on education fairs like the ABI Einstieg.

Stefan Katz


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