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The IUBH School of Business and Management regularly receives top grades in university rankings. Recognized partners- and memberships guarantee the top quality of the university and our programmes.

CHE University Ranking


CHE University Ranking

The CHE University Ranking is one of the most well known rankings in Germany. In regular intervals the "Centre for Higher Education and Development" (CHE) rates universities according to their different specialisations. In the field of business administration the International University Bad Honnef-Bonn (IUBH) consistently ranks in the top group. In the CHE Ranking 2014 the IUBH achieved outstanding results and positioned itself in the field of business administration as Germany's best private university of applied science with the most rankings in the top group.

More information about CHE University Ranking can be found under www.che-ranking.de.





The German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) provides advice to the German Government on the structure and development of higher education and research. The council has granted us institutional  accreditation for 10 years, the longest possible period. This is the best evaluation the council can award, and signifies that we provide services in teaching and research that meet established academic and scientific standards.

Find more information on the German Science and Humanities Council on www.wissenschaftsrat.de.



All IUBH study programmes are of course also accredited by an independent agency, namely by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). Accreditation is only granted when the content and structure of a study programme meets all the quality requirements of the accrediting agency. The FIBAA thus acts as a kind of official inspector for academic education. The accreditation is renewed every four to five years - a guarantee for the quality of our teaching. The FIBAA only issues its golden Premium Seal in very rare cases. The IUBH recently received this award for five of its study programmes. Therefore IUBH is one of the leading universities in Germany to be awarded five or more premium seals.

More information about FIBAA can be found under www.fibaa.org.

WiWi Talents Siegel

WiWi Talents

The WiWi-Talents Programme of WiWi-Media AG was established to give students studying economics and related fields support and to promote inter-regional networking between companies and future young professionals.

In 2015 an IUBH student of Tourism Management was invited to take part in the highly gifted programme. In addition to outstanding academic performance in their study programme, admission to the programme requires that the candidate has goal oriented career plans, international and practical experience as well as social and community involvement.




Hotel Schools of Distinction

Hotel Schools of Distinction

The "Hotel Schools of Distinction" (formerly "Leading Hotel Schools of the World") is a global alliance of renowned universities with specialisations in the field of Hospitality Management. It currently has ten membership institutions. This includes the IUBH as a founding member. The IUBH is the only Hotel School of Distinction in Germany.

For more information about "Hotel Schools of Distinction" see www.hotelschoolsofdistinction.com.




The UNWTO.Tedqual certification is given to the worlds’s leading tourism programmes by the United Nations’ World Tourism Organisation.

The IUBH was awarded the certificate as the first, and so far only, university in Germany for the study programmes International Tourism Management and Tourism and Travel Management.

Find more information on UNWTO.Tedqual on themis.unwto.org/en/content/unwtotedqual.

For a statement on the UNWTO.TedQual Worldwide Event 2013 please click here.


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