Visa Requirements

Language and Financial Resources

To be eligible for a student visa, the prospective student must fulfil certain requirements in terms of language skill, study goals and financial resources.  These must be documented and presented to a visa officer. 

Which proof of language do I need to study at the IUBH?

If you enter the IUBH directly, you need to show an IELTS Score of 6.0 in the English language. If you attend the P2UC foundation year, an IELTS score of 4.5 is generally sufficient as you learn English within this programme.

The law says that you don’t need German because the language of instruction in all IUBH programmes is English. But knowing even a bit of the language will make your daily life in Germany easier. It is also an important sign of your commitment to study in Germany and may help you in the visa process.

How much money do I have to show to get the Visa?

The visa officer must make sure that you have a sincere wish and the means to study in Germany.  This is why all international students must provide proof of funding (covering tuition and living expenses) to get a visa and/or residence permit.
  • Students participating in the P2UC foundation year: The price of the first year covers tuition, accommodations, the  care package, health insurance and further activities.
  • Students in IUBH programs: You need to provide proof that you have the financial resources to cover tuition fees and living expenses.

The German embassy calculates 7.900,-€ per year for a student´s cost of living expenses. This means that you need to show funds for tuition plus 7.900,-€ for the first year. You need to explain how you plan to fund your studies and expenses in the following years.

How do I prove my sincere wish to study in Germany?

To prove that you are committed, your grades  must show your ability to study.  Before your interview in the embassy we invite you to use our visa preparation service.


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