IUBH Wall of Fame presents

Anika Löffler

Anika Löffler

Best Undergraduate Research Paper Award (KATHEA) 2012

At the beginning of my studies at the IUBH I was intent on learning as much as I could so that I would be successful. However I never could have imagined the opportunities that the IUBH would offer me. It has afforded me the opportunity to travel and learn as well as to become a successful woman. The international hospitality program of the IUBH gave me the opportunity to study for a year abroad at the Niagara University in New York State, USA.

While attending Niagara University in New York I was able to develop my thesis under the professional guidance of leaders in the hospitality industry. Working closely with Dr. Chang Huh I was able to attend the KATHEA Conference 2012 held in Las Vegas and present my research on the subject of "High-Tech" keeping in "High-touch" with the Hospitality Industry. Pairing the technology industry with the ever-growing hospitality industry, my paper aimed to show how demographics and guest perceptions can be successfully used when developing hotel mobile applications.

Received with top honors at the conference, my paper was said to have been at the "fore-front of technology research in the hospitality industry." Through the assistance of Dr. Huh, Niagara University, and the IUBH I was able to hone my skills and effectively research a trendy topic in the industry. This allowed me to not only look at the industry's past but also to keep a focus on how things can be improved and how the industry needs to develop alongside the technology industry.

Anika Löffler
Best Undergraduate Research Paper Award (KATHEA)

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