IUBH Wall of Fame presents

Caroline Winter

Caroline Winter

Young Hotelier of the Year 2009

After graduating from IUBH in September 2008, I have been working at the InterContintental Vienna as a Sales Coordinator and now as Convention Sales Manager.

In 2009, I was chosen to represent the hotel at the Young Hotelier Award, which is an annual contest for employees on entry level of 5-star hotels in Vienna, Austria.

This contest is an initiative by the General Managers Council and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce to train and develop young talents within the hospitality industry. I felt this would be a great opportunity to compete among other young and ambitious colleagues, establish new contacts and at the same time continue to do academic research on a given topic.

After a preliminary contest, 17 final candidates from 14 hotels presented their findings on the topic "How would you build and implement a green hotel?" in front of a panel consisting of six renowned experts from the international hospitality industry and a large audience.

Having participated in this contest was a valuable experience and value-add to my resumée. It showed me how much I have learned during my studies at IUBH, not only with regards to doing research and holding high-quality presentations in front of a larger audience.

The fact that I was awarded the second place was a fantastic reward for my efforts and gave me the opportunity to do a management course of my choice at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Caroline Winter
2nd place Young Hotelier of the Year 2009

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