IUBH Wall of Fame presents

Guillaume Schaack

Guillaume Schaack

Project 2028 and Cargo Climate Care Award 

For me it was always clear to work in the aviation industry. I anticipated matching passion and work, and the International University Bad Honnef was tailor made to tackle this task. Joining IUBH I could match my interest for aviation and economics and found the ideal study environment.

In the second semester two colleges and I took part in the competition "Project 2028". To our own surprise we won and our desire for competing was born. In the third semester we took part in the Lufthansa Cargo Climate Care Award. We developed a system to automate all processes in the ground handling for cargo terminals. The work was worth it, as we won this competition too. Afterwards I took part in four more business and student competitions. In the Detecon Mobile Award I managed to be one of 48 finalists, out of 2500 participants.

Competing hard has also enhanced my professional career. In April 2009 I was offered to write my bachelor thesis for a start-up company in Kenya, called Severin Air Safaris. Since January 2011 I am now living and working for good in Mombasa, where I live my dream.

The job is challenging every day, but it fulfils me a lot. I want to use my experiences to start my own businesses in a couple of years. Looking back, I am very thankful that I decided to study in Bad Honnef, and I can only recommend the university. If you want to match theory and practice in an international environment, then IUBH is the place to go.

Guillaume Schaack
2009 Winner Project 2028
Winner Cargo Climate Care Award 2009

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