IUBH Wall of Fame presents

Nikolaus Brandl

Nikolaus Brandl

European Mise en Place Cup 2014

Stay visible

There are many important factors to a successful career. Maybe the most essential one is networking.
Or simply: Stay visible! Following this simple recipe,
I always dedicate myself to taking initiative.

Participation at the Mise en Place Cup 2014 was a great honour for me. As the IUBH EMCup 2014 team, we were a group of international students and were able to proudly represent our university in front of an audience composed of 22 of the best hospitality management schools in Europe. After an outstanding social media campaign and finding ourselves in first place for the interim results of the competition, we realised that endurance and will power are half the battle. In the end, Marlen, Torben, David and I were overwhelmed when prizes were awarded on the last day in Amsterdam: The IUBH won first place in the European Mise en Place Cup 2014!

Showing initiative was, however, for sure far more important in matters of starting up a new student representation at the IUBH itself. As co-founder and first Secretary of the Student Common Room, I always was, and still am, committed to improving the students' lives at the IUBH campus in Bad Honnef. Together, we are the architects of our own fortune.

From the first day at the IUBH I realized that it is very easy to actively participate and shape free-time activities in student societies. Therefore, I am co-founder of SOBER.
A Society Of Beer Expert Representatives which is the counterpart of the GrapeSociety within the Beverage Societies at the IUBH. Join SOBER and stay SOBER.


Nikolaus Brandl
European Mise en Place Cup 2014
1st place

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