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Team Amsterdam

Michaela Brase/ Tim Kaltenborn/
Kai Menzel/ Cornelius Schilling

European Mise en Place Cup 2010 

As a team of four students from the IUBH, we participated in the "European Mise en Place Cup" in the Netherlands in January 2010.

Contrary to what its name suggests, it is not a competition in which the capabilities of setting a table or polishing glasses are required. Instead, it's about finding new and innovative ideas for the hospitality industry.

The motto of the EM Cup in 2010 was "Hotello & Co, new ways 2 create value." After recording an “application video” on the IUBH campus - for the competition in Amsterdam and writing a report of several pages about our own ideas for future value creation in the hospitality industry, we finally took the train to Amsterdam. First of all we explored the beautiful city, before we went to the NHTV Breda to the actual two day competition.

We competed against eight other hotel-management schools from all over Europe. The two days started with a presentation about the main ideas of our report to a jury, followed by an intense case study group work under time pressure with a detailed final presentation. Finally, we said goodbye to Breda and made our way back to Amsterdam.

Being among the three finalists, we had the opportunity of presenting our ideas of the last days once more at Netherlands' largest hospitality exhibition in front of an audience of over 600 professionals. What an exciting and great experience! At the end, we achieved a well-deserved second place with less than one point difference to the winner.

In addition to many educational experiences from this international competition, we also gained new motivation for our continuous studies in Bad Honnef. Altogether, this competition has shown us one major point: we, at the IUBH, are being taught way above the European average.

Michaela Brase
Tim Kaltenborn
Kai Menzel
Cornelius Schilling
2nd place European Mise en Place Cup 2010

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