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Courses are conducted in the form of lectures and seminars. The average size of a class is 30 students thus allowing an interactive dialogue between professors and students. The three core elements of the curriculum are:
  • Business Economics: Courses in Business Studies form the basis of the programme. Examples of courses in this field are: Mathematics, Statistics, Integrated Service Management, and Finance & Accounting.
  • Industry-specific courses: students get to know the tourism industry from the scratch and gain in depth knowledge of specific management-related subjects such as Structures and Organizations in the international hospitality and tourism industry, Tourism Geography, Travel and Congress management, Tourism Law, Destination Marketing and Tourism Projects.
  • Further skills: Computer training, foreign language courses, business communication, etc increase our graduates' professionalism.

And if you are interested in our International Tourism Management programme, please click here.


Practical and international experience while studying


An internship (5-6 months duration) enables our students to turn their academic knowledge into practical experience. The internship can be either in Germany or abroad and represents a crucial element of our study programme. Students establish first ties with the industry and have the chance to make their first impression on potential employers.


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