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1. Kick-off - Enrolling with IUBH

The all-important first step is to enrol with IUBH Distance Learning. In order to accept you as an IUBH student we need certain documents, such as certified copies of documents attesting your previous education, proof of English language skills and a copy of your passport. Once all this information has been received, IUBH provides you with access to its online Campus and everything you need to get started.

2. Online Campus - cockpit of your success

Once you have access to the online campus, you can begin choosing your courses. This is also where you'll find your tutors, online literature , databases, scripts, vodcasts, podcasts, quizzes, online libraries for e-books, communication platform, integrated project management tools and the virtual student office.

Top-quality study scripts - contain all the key information for your specific subject and provide links to further in-depth literature.

Webinars - a key component of the IUBH learning format: online tutorials offered by experienced tutors who also answer questions via chat or video contributions. All sessions available in video format.

Mobile learning - Choose from IMC Learning Apps, Podcasts and Vodcasts - learning that is truly accessible - wherever you are.

3. Milestones - passing your exams

After qualifying, you can register for your exams and take them directly at any one of 160 Goethe institutes in 94 countries. This gives you maximum flexibility and helps limit travelling times

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