Infrastructure and IT

Your access to the World Wide Web

The IUBH Campus Berlin offers a modern infrastructure with a first-class Computer Training Centre and free Wifi on Campus.


Campus Wifi and IUBH IntranetIT on Campus

Throughout the campus our students have access to our IUBH Intranet as well as the internet. The library catalogue is available online (on and off campus) and offers a broad range of research databases.

Campus Administration Resource Environment (CARE)

Each student is provided with an individual account for our Campus Administration Resource Environment (CARE). The Campus-Management-System efficiently and comfortably supports all processes across our campus locations, such as student enrolment, class schedules, enrolment to exams, management of appointments, download of scripts and many more.

Individual IUBH E-Mail-Address

All students receive their individual IUBH E-Mail address that is used for communication between the university and the students.

Notebooks on Campus Notebook on Campus

We at IUBH value a highly professional environment during the course of our study programmes which is why we strongly advise that a laptop should be part of the basic set-up of each student. If you need a notebook or want to buy one, we recommend laptops from ACER based on our positive experience with the brand. Obviously, all laptops can be connected with the IUBH network.



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