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During your studies the campus will become more and more the center of your life.

Between study courses you will meet your fellow students, have lunch together in our cafeteria or meet for a small snack at Dallmayr. And maybe you are living in one of our student dorms. So why not spend your free time together and make the most of common interests?

Many of our students are doing exactly this. They have founded clubs, teams and societies and enjoy their common interests and hobbies together. Whether they go running in the IUBH Running Club or train for the IUBH Barbarians (the Rugby Team of the IUBH School of Business and Management), or act at the IUBH Drama Club or just knit - the offers are very diverse.

Not everything is offered at the moment at both locations, but you can be sure that we are working on it and will happily help students follow their interests. Here you will find an overview of teams, clubs and societies at IUBH.

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