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Together for a better world

Many students spend their free time together to pursue certain interests, including social involvement.

Here's a list of the dedicated IUBH Societies:

IUBH Grape(s)ociety

IUBH Grape(s)ociety

You are interested in wine, its origin and you want to learn something about how to rate a wine? Then you have to join Grape Society. In 2002 Grape(s)ociety, the university’s wine club, was founded by professor Willy Legrand.

With the  general goal of bringing wines and wine knowledge closer to the university students, faculties and administration, Grape(s)ociety has organised over 50 small and large tastings with world renowned  sommeliers and winemakers. For example an extravagant cava tasting as well as an intimate chocolate and of course wine degustation.

Grape(s)ociety is headed now by the students Alexander Kessler and Jennifer Geier. Grape(s)ociety’s additional new concepts started in Summer Semester 2012

Get in contact to the society here.

IUBH Leo Club
IUBH Leo Club

LEO is the youth organization of Lions Clubs International. The IUBH LEO Club dedicates itself to social involvement. For that purpose it arranges activities for a good cause.

The club consists of students of all departments and semesters, because same interests bond. New support is always welcome.

 IUBH Speakers Corner

IUBH Speakers Corner

You are afraid of speaking in public, in front of strangers or classmates? Let us help you. Join the IUBH Speakers Corner and improve your rhetorical skills. It doesn't matter if you are a novice or on an advanced level, we will hearty welcome you. Adapted to the needs of IUBH students, we have a flexible system, where you can start with small tasks like telling us a tip or a joke, toward full speeches, discussions or even presentations for your courses. After each task you will get detailed feedback and advice in order to improve your performance. In the IUBH Speakers Corner, we will assist you and we will not judge you, because of your language level, opinion or performance. What happens in Speakers Corner stays in Speakers Corner.

Now, you are interested but afraid that we are not qualified to help you, or that it will be boring? Don't worry! We build up on a wide portfolio of examples and exercises to enjoy, because of our history. In 2011, we started as "IUBH Toastmasters Club Bad Honnef" with a hint of our lecturers to develop and increase our speaking skills. With the experience we gained during this time, we decided in 2014, to redesign our club into the IUBH Speakers Corner, in order to adjust to the needs of our members. Try our "Speak Now Contest" or the "Mystery Box" and see what it will imply.

At the end of each semester, you will get a certificate that proves your participation and collaboration.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via or Facebook

Student Marketing Association

Student Marketing Association

The Student Marketing Association (SMA) is a community of people interested in and dedicated to marketing as a business function and philosophy. Everybody interested in marketing is welcome in our association. New members don't need to have marketing proficiency yet.

The SMA provides its members the possibility to gain practical knowledge in sales and marketing by participating in various marketing project competitions. Furthermore, it organises a regular conference in order to help establish the IUBH as a competence center for service management, starting in 2010.


SOAP -  students on air

The Students on Air Project (S.O.A.P) is a video editorial project that is the result of a cooperation between the Catholic Social Institute (KSI) and the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef · Bonn.

The project is funded by the North Rhine-Westphalia Media Institute (LfM) and aims to increase students’ media competence by giving them a chance to work on concrete projects.  Participants receive professional training in concept development, camera work, and post-production, and are given access to professional and semi-professional equipment.  Students develop their own concepts and formats, and their productions are regularly shown on the educational TV station “nrwision”.

Get more information here.




Sober - Society Of Beer Expert Representatives

"Hops and malt, they never get old."

This German saying perfectly reflects your opinion about beer and  goes beyond the excessive drinking of this wonderful and diverse beverage? You are also interested in the immense potential of beer? If you answer these questions with “Yes”, then there is only one conclusion about  what you should do now:

Join the SOBER community at the kick-off event at the  beginning of every  semester and let Nikolaus Brandl and Norman Bechler, founders of SOBER and the whole SOBER community, introduce you to  the fascinating world of beer.
With 4 - 5 "Beetings" in each semester you will not only get to know other  lovers and explorers of beer, but will also  get the opportunity to taste expensive, inexpensive, tasty, not so delicious, dark, bright, sparkly, boring and quaffable types of beer. Finally you will receive the basic knowledge about the topic beer, get to know  interesting ways of using beer as a specialisation in business life and hopefully also find your personal favorite.

For further questions please feel free to like/contact us on our Facebook page and/or send us an mail.

Chef Society

Chef Society

The mission of the Chef Society is to educate its members in all culinary aspects and to establish an advanced knowledge about cooking procedures within different cuisines. This mission will be accomplished through presentations, lively cooking sessions and engaging in discussions about different styles and trends within the food and kitchen industry.

During each cooking session participants will be given a topic, prepare three different courses in groups and then talk about their experiences, as well as learn how to rate the meals together. Everyone is welcome who feels associated to that theme. No prior culinary experience is necessary to join. That means all students, alumni and professors could join in 4 - 5 Meetings within the Semester.

Chef Society was founded in spring 2013 by Eduard Müller, student in International Hospitality Management. Join the facebook group here.

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