Delveo - IUBH develops next generation Skill Management Suite

Delveo - IUBH develops next generation Skill Management Suite Finding the right candidate for the right position, identifying employee potentials, developing important employee skills and retaining top performers in a company are some of the most important issues of present-day personnel management. Skill management is a central pillar of personnel work that encompasses defining the roles, tasks and skills that a company requires, generating transparency about human resources and staffing needs and ensuring that knowledge and skills are developed and transferred. The Skill Management Suite "Delveo" developed by International University Bad Honnef · Bonn (IUBH) offers companies an intuitively usable and easy-to-implement solution to measuring, analysing and developing skills. Delveo integrates central functions of modern skill management and makes it possible, for example, to:

  • Identify the skills that are necessary for the company's existing roles, functions and projects;
  • Generate transparency about the company's existing skills;
  • Provide educational measures in the form of online courses, blended learning programmes and classroom seminars to address skill deficits;
  • Improve the quality of staff recruitment by using well-founded methods of competence analysis and personality assessment;
  • Enable improved strategic decision-making by using the benchmarking process to compare one's own employee skill profile with the skill profiles of competitive companies;
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction through targeted development of relevant skills, as well as
  • Improve business results of the company through more efficient and successful employees.

Delveo is a fully web-based solution that can be implemented with minimal time and maintenance effort. It has an elegant and easy-to-understand user interface and can be intuitively used by human resource managers, supervisors and employees. As of February 2015, the IUBH starts-up a large scale beta test of the Skill Management Suite under which users can create their own personality and skill profiles free of charge. The goal of the testing phase is to validate the Suite's underlying competence model and obtain reference data for various roles and functions. Subsequently, the Suite will predominately operate in the B2B environment and be one of the core products of IUBH Corporate Programmes.

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Contact person for the development of Delveo is:
Philipp Höllermann Project Manager Corporate Programmes (