Hotel Schools of Distinction meet in Amsterdam

Hotel Schools of Distinction meet in Amsterdam

Spring is an exciting time for all member schools of Hotel Schools of Distinction (HSD), an alliance of the best progressive educational institutions in Hospitality from around the world. It is the time when all board members of the ten universities get together at one location to share their experiences and explore their differences. This year another successful meeting was held at Hotelschool The Hague (HTH) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with all schools and the HSD student advisory board present.

The HSD student advisory board is made up from representatives from the different schools and got together in the afternoon of day one of the two-day conference. Introductions were made as there were many new members replacing the former members who had already graduated. Despite the large number of new students, the goal of every individual was identical: to discuss current industry issues and how to contribute positively towards finding a solution.

Each student shared the practical aspects of their university courses but also their feelings towards it. From this conversation, certain topics were derived that would be discussed in-depth the next day.

Day two in Amsterdam was very long with lots of brainstorming sessions, meetings and conversations about our next steps as a student board. The students felt like their ideas were being heard and were supported to take the next steps into implementing certain ideas. For example, an Instagram page will soon be launched with the purpose of raising awareness of HSD and to get to know other schools who are part of HSD.

The participants all agree it was an intense two days with a large international community but because they all had the same goal, they were able to create actual results. They hope that their next meeting in March 2018 will be just as successful as this one.