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Further Events on Campus Bad Honnef

Founders Day

Meet the Founders at the FoundersDay here on IUBH Campus! Participate in creative Workshops and listen to stunning presentations from different evolving Start-Ups. Make sure to join also our Network Fair at Anno Park, meet interesting personalities, enlarge your network and find your dream internship.

The FoundersDay concludes with the FoundersDinner in IUBH style party manner with lots of good food, good company and the best cocktails.

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Business +/- Ethics

logo_business-ethicsBusiness +/- Ethics is a joint project of the IUBH Campus Studies, the Catholic Social Institute in Bad Honnef and the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg.

The aim of the series is to promote dialogue between business, politics and society and to examine and discuss solutions to current problems from different, as well as controversial, perspectives.

The dialogue series takes place twice a year and is alternately hosted by the Catholic Social Institute and the IUBH Campus Studies. As part of their study programme, students are responsible for organising the event.

Previous topics of Business +/- Ethics dialogues:
Euro crisis, sustainability, reconciliation of work and family life, sustainability, Media & Leadership.

Under Business +/- Ethics you can find further information on this project and the current event.

Gala Dinner by our students

As part of the practical training sessions of first semester Hotel Management and Event Management students, the students organize a Gala Dinner. These evenings in Bad Honnef  are characterised by student creativity, uniqueness and fun.

Each Gala Dinner is a public event and has a theme, which is reflected in the show highlights. In each semester there are six to eight Gala Dinners, where guests can enjoy a four or five-course meal of new and traditional cuisine.

Attending a Gala Dinner is a unique opportunity to experience hospitality and event management in practice at its best.



IUBH Business Talks

The IUBH Business Talks have been held since 2007 and give top managers and committed practitioners the opportunity to speak on a topic of their choice.

Current trends in marketing, personal recollections by experienced businessmen or insights into the corporate responsibility of large groups are among the topics already discussed.

So far, the IUBH has welcomed well-known figures like Erich Sixt (Sixt GmbH & Co Autovermietung KG), Henry Hasselbarth (Emirates Airlines), Jürgen Stackmann (Skoda), Reiner Meutsch (Stiftung Fly & Help) and Rudolf Wöhrl (Tetris Grundbesitz GmbH & Co. KG) as well as Kent Hahne (Apeiron Restaurant & Retail AG). For students of all disciplines, the Business Talks are an exceptional opportunity to make first-hand contact with well-known managers.