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Success Story Stefan Renziehausen / Alexander Wessels

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Our students and alumni

Our students and alumni

Two IUBH alumni report

Stefan, how did the idea for SABA Hospitality come about and what does the business model look like?
Stefan Renziehausen: To be honest, the business idea came to us during a nice get-together over a couple of beers. We then took a sober second look at the idea and developed it further. The result was SABA Hospitality: a company which develops tailor-made technology solutions for the international hotel industry. Our tools provide unforgettable experiences for guests, enhance a hotel’s online and offline reputation and improve the efficiency of employees and the entire operation.

Stefan Renziehausen und Alexander Wessels

Stefan Renziehausen and Alexander Wessels from SABA Hospitality in Macau, China develop “technology tools” for unforgettable hotel experiences. In an interview, the founders and executive directors give an insight into starting a business and studying at IUBH.

"From flatmates to business partners: A dream job in China"

Hospitality Management Degree

What does the name SABA Hospitality stand for and what is special about your company?
Alexander Wessels: SABA consists of the first initial of the founders, so Stefan, Alexander, Byron and Alex. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we have a total of fifty years of experience in the hospitality sector and know what the hotel industry expects from our solutions.

What is your current daily working routine?
Alexander: As with many young companies, everyone actually does everything: from product development and customer acquisition to installation and after-sales service. In general, however, we have different focus areas and therefore I mainly look after our partners and existing customers, Stefan takes care of the organisational side, Byron deals with sales and marketing and Alex looks after our IT systems.

How and where did you meet and was it clear from the start that you wanted to work together?
Alexander: Stefan and I met in the first week in student halls of residence. In the second semester, we moved into a flatshare. Even during our studies, we complemented each other well in joint projects and presentations. However, we didn’t know that we would work together one day. After graduating, I ventured to Asia to start a job, while Stefan worked in Frankfurt. Our paths crossed again in Macau in 2012, when we were both working at the Sheraton Grand Macau, the biggest Marriott hotel in the world with 4000 rooms.

What did you learn during your studies at IUBH that has proved useful in your current job?
Alexander: A lot! Besides the internship semesters, the time abroad left a lasting impression, which now helps us to understand different cultures and to position our products on the market. Over time, other topics, which were not necessarily important in our previous jobs, come to the fore again: Accounting and break-even analysis for example – unpopular with many people, but extremely important.
Stefan: Yes, the international experience influenced me a lot too and prepared me well for my job. In recent months, I’ve been thinking back to the lectures and courses in Bad Honnef, because I need to recall more and more theoretical knowledge in order to incorporate it into our company.

Stefan, why would you recommend studying at IUBH?
Stefan: Studying at IUBH is a good choice for any students who are keen to go abroad: I was well prepared for this as the classes were conducted in English and my experiences with professors and lecturers were excellent. Furthermore, IUBH has a superb network in the industry and can arrange good contacts, for example, for selecting a topic for the Bachelor thesis or for starting a job.

What are your future plans for SABA Hospitality?
Alexander: For the near future, we will continue to develop our products and establish SABA Hospitality on the market.
Stefan: We can only achieve this with a good team; so expansion is our second goal for the future.

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