Statements by selected alumni about their experiences

Do you want to get an idea about the kinds of experiences students have and their first career steps? Then read statements written by some of our alumni.

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Through IUBH's focus on practical experiences within the curriculum, I felt I was well prepared for the "real world" and the industry in general. From the first day, my network began to grow and I have been fortunate to meet and learn from many experienced hoteliers in the industry.

Astrid Bachmann

Graduate Tourism Management

During my studies I particularly benefited from the international character of the university, the practical relevance of the curriculum and the small sized classes. Because of this, I think I can confidently position myself on the job market.

Jonas Schmidt

Student Master Human Resources

IUBH makes it easy to start a career straight out of university: the courses teach valuable skills, the professors have years of practical and professional experience and fellow students from all over the world allow me to build my own global network.

Alisa Bushma

Graduate Hospitality Management

This direct job entrance is the result of four years of hard work and the university's contribution by building the foundation for a successful career.

Maren Wolters

Graduate Tourism Management

In my time as a trainee, I passed through all of the departments operated by Singapore Airlines in Germany, in order to be comprehensively prepared for my position within the company. I am thrilled to have this extraordinary chance. I am also convinced that the practice orientated study programme at IUBH was a valuable foundation for my professional career development.

Florian Juraschek

Graduate Aviation Management

While studying at IUBH I have been able to get a part time job at a leading five-star hotel. Their courses are practically oriented and the perfect foundation for an international career. To boost my chances of a successful career in Germany, I also take the complimentary German classes offered by the university. On graduating, I will also benefit from a guaranteed 18 month post study work permit in Germany, which can be extended.

Chandan Tiwari

Student Master International Management

During my work, I feel that studies at IUBH equipped me with the essential skills required for my challenging tasks and that my time at Bad Honnef was an excellent investment in my future career.

Kai Steverding

Graduate International Management

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Salman Arif

IUBH alumnus and country manager for Pakistan