Current information about the coronavirus

Commencement of lectures postponed to April 14th, 2020
Lectures will take place online until further notice

Status of lectures

The commencement of lectures will be postponed at both IUBH Campus Studies locations.

  • BH: already started, can still be joined
  • BER: 01.04 Returning students, 14.04 new students

Lectures will take place online until further notice. As the largest private distance-learning university, we have extensive expertise in online teaching and can therefore ensure that teaching is conducted properly and without restrictions.

General status of university

The campuses are open but limited to core activities.

Course of study

IUBH Campus Studies aims to ensure that the current special circumstances will not result in students being disadvantaged in their course of study.

Further information

Up-to-date information will be shared with you by our university system "CARE".

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