Work Permit

FAQ Work Permit

1. Are international students allowed to have a part time jobs during their studies? How many hours are they allowed to work?

Students from countries outside of the European Union may work for up 240 ½ days during their bachelor and master programmes. No work is allowed during the Pathway 2 University Programme. Additionally students can work as interns, since internship placements are an integral part of most IUBH study programmes.

2. Are graduates of German universities allowed to stay in Germany? Are they allowed to work?

Graduates of German universities are allowed to stay in the country for 1,5 years to search for a job. During this period, the work allowance that applies is the same as stated above under point 1. Afterwards students are allowed to stay and work in Germany on the precondition that their job has adequate compensation and is in the broad professional area of the study programme they completed.

3. Can international students obtain a permanent work and residency permit in Germany?

Students can obtain a permanent work and residency permit. The preconditions include an adequately compensated occupation and the consent from the federal employment agency.

4. Do international students get jobs in Germany? What is the job market situation in Germany?

Around 20% of the German population has a migration background. This illustrates the international character of Germany and is an important pillar for the most export oriented economy of the world. The German economy is the strongest in Europe and has approximately 1 million vacant positions as of January 2013. Due to the demographic developments Germany is facing a severe shortage of qualified professionals. Research institutes forecast a shortfall of 3 million skilled workers by 2025.

5. Are German language skills required?

The German economy is highly linked to international markets, 45% of its GDP comes from exports. Therefore quite a number of German companies do not require German language skills. However, the IUBH recommends enhancing German language skills in order to broaden your career opportunities. Hence German language courses are an optional component of all IUBH programmes.

6. Does the IUBH provide assistance with the application process for jobs and internships?

Yes, we do: The IUBH Career Services Department provides students with jobs and internships. In 2011 the ratio of job offers to students was 400%, i.e. on average every student could pick from 4 job offers.

7. What are the job perspectives of IUBH graduates?

According to our alumni survey

  • 90% of IUBH alumni are content with their job
  • 80% have management responsibilities after 2 years
  • 75% work in an international environment
  • Raise in wage: 22% after 2 years, 50% after 5 years

IUBH has a network of more than 300 companies who recruit IUBH graduates.

What do others say about careers in Germany

The German economy is on a strong growth path, however, we face a lack of university trained professionals in crucial disciplines such as engineering. Due to our demographic situation, future growth in Germany will depend on immigration of young international talents. In reaction to this end, foreign graduates from German universities now have the opportunity to gain the German equivalent to the Green Card. We encourage and welcome young talents from abroad to take this chance to study and start their career in Germany!

Dr. h.c. Frank-Jürgen Weise

CEO of the German Public Employment Agency