Reasons for IUBH

Why should I study at the IUBH?

On-campus study, practical approach, ideal career prospects – there are many reasons for studying at the IUBH:

International focus

The heart of the IUBH is its uncompromising international focus:

  • All courses in English
  • Students and professors from more than 100 nations
  • Optional second foreign language during your studies, e.g. Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian or Arabic
  • Integrated, six-month internship, also abroad
  • Study at a partner university abroad for one year and obtain a double degree (in Germany and abroad)

Global career

Whether in a medium-sized company operating at an international level, or in a multinational group abroad – the IUBH offers ideal preparation for the global job market:

  • Approximately 75% of our graduates work in an international environment
  • Approximately 33% of them actually work abroad

IUBH makes it easy to start a career straight out of university: the courses teach valuable skills, the professors have years of practical and professional experience and fellow students from all over the world allow me to build my own global network.

Alisa Bushma

Graduate Hospitality Management

Practical approach

Our professors and lecturers attach great importance to a close link between theory and practice. After all, most of them gained experience at international level themselves – and would also like to pass this on, for example through:

  • case studies, projects and internships
  • field trips to well-known companies
  • dialogues with recognised business leaders within the framework of regular IUBH Business Talks

Ideal learning environment

For most people who come to us, beginning university means the start of a new phase in their lives. This is why we attach such great importance to the learning atmosphere:

  • small (personal) class sizes
  • modern seminar rooms and professional technology
  • cafés and restaurants directly on the campus (in Bad Honnef)
  • comfortable university halls of residence (in Bad Honnef)
  • wide range of leisure activities thanks to sports teams and societies organised by the students themselves

Internationally accredited and state recognised



  • Independent accreditation agency

  • All IUBH study programmes are accredited by the FIBAA and/or the Accreditation Council

  • Five of our study programmes have been awarded the golden FIBAA Premium Seal



  • The IUBH consistently achieves top scores

  • in the category “overall study conditions” (grade 1.6)

  • in the category “practical orientation” (1.7)

  • in the category “international orientation bachelor’s” (10 out of 11 possible points)

  • in direct comparison to the CHE Ranking 2014: Better ratings for “academic feasibility” (grade 1.4) and “support from professors” (grade 1.8)


"Hotel Schools of Distinction" Association

  • The IUBH is a founder member and the only German university in the Association

  • Formerly "Leading Hotel Schools of the World"

IUBH is one of the leading universities in Germany to be awarded five or more premium seals. Find out more about our international awards, certificates and rankings here:

> to all awards

The managers of tomorrow

Practical, international orientation and study content tailored to the industries in question – our graduates are in demand among companies in Germany and abroad:

  • about 87% of our graduates begin their careers within three months of graduation
  • after two years on the job, 80% of them have already obtained a management position
  • our graduates also report an average annual rise in salary of 10%, so that after five years they earn about 50% more than when they started out in their careers

In addition to a basic education in almost all areas you could take as a manager in a company, international experience is essential. This is what I could gather in an internship in the Netherlands as well as in my semester abroad in Sydney, where I could learn to live in a completely new environment - and also met new friends from all over the world.

Karolina Stich

Graduate International Management

Valuable contacts and a top-class network

As well as talent and hard work, a good education and a certain knowledge of your sector, there is another important factor in starting your career successfully – good contacts and a good network:

  • department heads and lecturers have numerous contacts in industry
  • at the annual "Career Day" recruiting fair, you can make valuable contacts on the campus to improve your career prospects
  • you will often be able to find internships and entry-level positions during your studies thanks to the IUBH network