MBA International Business

MBA International Business – Your career firmly in focus

Study in a master programme that suits your needs – at IUBH

This programme offers business and non-business graduates, such as engineers, natural sciences and humanities graduates, the opportunity to extend their managerial skills.
The programme focuses on updating and increasing your general managerial knowledge. Parallel to your studies you will strengthen your professional profile through leadership courses, such as Strategic Management or Corporate Finance. If you decide on the 90 ECTS programme, you can choose between a number of attractive specialisations.

Your studies in the programme are highly practice-oriented and give you the business knowledge that you’ll need as a future manager.

Facts & Figures


MBA International Business ·

MBA International Business ·

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Type of study
full-time or part-time*
full-time or part-time*
Study model
on campus or smart entry or online or Study&Work
on campus or smart entry or online or Study&Work
3 or 4 semesters (full-time)
6 semesters (part-time)
4 semesters (Study & Work)
incl. Capstone Project
2 or 3 semesters (full-time)
4 semesters (part-time)
3 semesters (Study & Work)
incl. Capstone Project
on campus: Bad Honnef, Berlin, Dublin**
smart entry: Bad Honnef, Berlin, Dublin**
online: anywhere
on campus: Bad Honnef, Berlin, Dublin**
smart entry: Bad Honnef, Berlin, Dublin**
online: anywhere
on campus: Spring & Autumn
smart entry: anytime
online: anytime
on campus: Spring & Autumn
smart entry: anytime
online: anytime

* Depending on your preferred study model. Part-time studies only possible for the online part.
**first intake Autumn 2019

4 study models - endless opportunities

On campus

Study at the very heart of Europe and experience Germany’s/ Ireland’s rich and vibrant lifestyle! Your studies in the programme are highly practice-oriented and give you the business knowledge that you'll need as a future manager in two or three semesters. more

Smart Entry

Our Smart Entry option offers you the best of both worlds - start online from whereever you are and move on to study in Germany/ Ireland when it suits you. more

Study & Work

On selected master programmes you have the chance to take part in our Study&Work Programme in Dublin. Within this programme you combine practice-oriented coursework with practical experience on the job. We actively support you in finding an employer to help you gain hands-on experience during your studies. Our renowned partner pays you at least the statutory minimum wage of 1,100 euros per month as well as your tuition fees. Check out our study courses and campus locations! more


The online study experience at IUBH includes a virtual campus with digital course material, self tests, live and recorded online tutorials, vodcasts, podcasts and much more. more

* The online study model of the MBA is currently accredited under the programme name „Master of Business Administration“.

Multi Campus

One study programme, three cities, countless experiences

In selected master programmes IUBH offers you the chance to switch during your studies between the German and Irish campus locations Dublin, Berlin and Bad Honnef.

Your advantages

  • Gain priceless experiences abroad
  • Expand your network with international contacts
  • No additional fees
  • A switch is possible every semester (at the end of each semester)


  • You are a full-time student
  • Your study programme is offered at your preferred campus location

For more information please contact our Study Guidance.

Why should I study International Business at IUBH?

  • InternationalInternational community with students and professors from more than 85 nations
  • Practical orientationHigh degree of practical relevance through realistic projects and case studies
  • English-speakingLectures in English and intensive exchanges with professors and fellow students
  • NetworkTop-class network of industry contacts for careers at home and abroad
  • Small groupsInstruction in small groups given by lecturers with track records of practical experience
  • ExpertiseYou may choose from different specialisations
  • UniqueUnique study programme with a high rate of recognition in the industry
  • KnowledgeAcademic knowledge is consistently taught in case studies, project work and applied research projects

Set your personal focus

During your studies, you can chose one of the following specialisations*:

  • Aviation 1,2,3
  • Finance & Accounting 1,2,3,4
  • Hospitality 1,2,3,5
  • Health Care 1,3
  • IT Management 1,3,5
  • International Marketing 1,2,3,4,5
  • Human Resources 1,2,3
  • Logistics & Transport1,3
  • Engineering Management1,3

*depending on study location and study model: 1 On campus Bad Honnef, 2 On campus Berlin, 3 Smart Entry, 4 Online, 5 On campus Dublin

What are the professional prospects as a Business Manager?

The Master of Business Administration qualifies you for a full scope of professional opportunities with international and transnational corporations. Graduates can work in export companies, the public sector, international banks and companies with subsidiaries abroad. Most employers offer attractive salary packages. The responsibilities assigned to a professional include leading projects related to international business. In the economic sector there is an enormous spectrum of career opportunities for management graduates with various specialisations.

Consultancy is another remunerative career for international business professionals. An international business consultant is responsible for various aspects of business development and market information for international companies. Graduates of our MBA programme can start as country managers representing a company in a foreign country. A country manager’s job involves working to manage operations, develop business and increase the profitability of a company in a specific region or country.

Furthermore, you have a post-study work option** in Germany because in order to offset a shortage of skilled labour, the German government grants international graduates, who have spent their last semester in Germany, a job-search visa of up to 18 months. You are entitled to a settlement permit after only two years if you have a German university degree and a full-time job in a suitable field. Provided you have a minimum gross annual income of currently € 47,600 or € 37,128 in shortage professions you can apply for the “EU Blue Card” temporary residence title in Germany.
Post-study work option** in Ireland: In order to offset a shortage of skilled labour, the Irish government grants international graduates, who have graduated in Ireland, a job-search visa of up to 24 months.

** For more information and all requirements please see here.

What others say about this programme

Already in the first semester, I realized that it was worth coming to IUBH for studying. Besides the professional and educational excellent professors and lecturers, the huge possibilities for networking are convincing.

Alexander Kessler

Masters student